Mike & Anna

Mike Gardiner

Why did you start Buzzy Games?

I originally created Buzzy as an events based business to get people to look up from their mobile phones and make the world a more social place through mass multi-player games. I then spent time talking to Educators and other parents and realised the software I’d built could help lift the bonnet on how coding works for kids and get them excited about creating and working together. The end goal of making the world a more fun and social place has remained the same!

What makes Buzzy Games special?  

Right from the start, I wanted to make sure that team-based learning and activities were at the heart of how it worked.  Collaborating with other students is critical in game design so by re-creating a game jam situation it makes what we do not only more fun but helps develop a crucial skill.

When it comes to the coding, I wanted ‘real-world’ coding to be what kids learnt from Buzzy Games, JavaScript is the language that powers most of the websites we use.   

I think what also makes us special is that we are creating multi-player games that are ready to play on anyone’s device instantly!  It’s so cool when kids create a game and their friends can battle it out straight away.

Anna MacDonald

Why did you join Buzzy Games?

I met Mike at a time when I was thinking “what next?’ in my career and realised very quickly that with his software and game development background, combined with my understanding of kids and parents, we had a unique combination of skills that would be crazy not to combine.

What makes it special? 

We make sure it’s fun, learning is the happy by-product as once kids see their games come to life and see the enjoyment others have playing them, they are intrinsically motivated to keep learning to improve their games.

We also set out from day one to ensure mums and dads know what their kids are doing at Buzzy and provide feedback as game testers! As parents, we’re having to work out how to navigate screen time,  we know is important in our kids lives but are unsure how to best help them or how to manage it.  We want Buzzy Games to be that guide to parents so that they can become tech-savvy households and not just tech-dependent, setting their kids up for the best possible future.