Why are kids learning to code?

Why is everyone from Karlie Kloss to Will I Am talking about learning to code and why do kids need to learn it?

Firstly, what is coding?

Coding is a set of instructions for your computer, only written in a language they can understand.   Ever played Candy Crush? A block of code would tell the jewels when and where to fall and in what colours.

Coding is the language of the future

Love it or hate it we are living in a digital world and while we’ve become adept at using technology, it is in the creation of that technology where the opportunities will lie.  By the time our kids leave school, they will be competing for jobs on a global job market and in a vastly more tech-led world than we do now.  It is not just programmers who need to understand the language of computers, all jobs will be impacted by AI, automation or other advances we are yet to see. And it is because of this, coding is being introduced into classrooms across Australia and the World to help futureproof the workforce.   

Is coding as boring as it looks?

When I think of coding I think of this….

Photo by Ilya Pavlov on Unsplash

It makes my head hurt, which is why most of us ‘parents’ have no interest in it, we don’t understand it.

But when kids learn to code it looks more like this….

First, they learn coding fundamentals via visual or block-based coding, this instils a problem-solving mindset and encourages creative thinking and a motivation to create –  vital skills to futureproof your kids with. Once the coding principals of cause and effect (a block of code will only work if is 100% correct) are understood they can move onto more real-world programming languages such as JavaScript, the language that powers the majority of the websites you will use.

Will they learn how to code at school?

Digital Technologies covers a broad spectrum including visual coding but it is new to the curriculum, so unlike traditionally subjects not many parents will be able to provide guidance from home and even fewer teachers will be experienced in teaching it.  As with any subject at school, encouragement and practice outside of school make a positive difference.

I’m worried my kids are already spending too much time on the computer…

If your kid enjoys playing games on any sort of device, then understanding how those games are made helps them think more critically about the technology they use and moves them towards taking an active ‘tech-creator’ role,  rather than a passive ‘tech-user’ role.

Where can I start?

BuzzyGames.com.au provides Game Design and Coding courses for kids aged between 7 and 13 yrs. Kids learn alongside teammates with a Buzzy Coach as their guide.  All courses are delivered live and online from the comfort of your own home.