What is Buzzy Games? 

Buzzy Games is all about learning to code being fun and social.

When you do one of our courses, you’ll team up with other kids from all over – Or, if you sign up together, a group of your friends! – To make games using our Buzzy Games app.

Kids Coding Made Fun

From day one we’ll have you writing real code, helped out by one of our friendly Buzzy Coaches. Together we’ll make the games, and then we playtest them, meaning we get to play our own games a lot!

The courses are one hour a week. You’ll join in from your own home using Skype to connect with your coach and team.

During these gamejams you’ll pick up some new skills that you can use every day – learning how to code, picking up the secret tricks of game development, and how to hack and mod other games.

The kind of programming we do is the sort that goes into any game ever made, from Fortnite to Minecraft. At first you’ll learn the simple stuff, but pretty soon you’ll be able to make any game you can dream up in your head, or make mods for the games you love the most!

Show Off What You’ve Made!

Once you’ve made a Buzzy Game that you’re proud of, we’ll set you up to show off your creation to your friends and family. As long as you’ve got a laptop or computer to host the games from, anyone with a smartphone or tablet can join in and play the games you’ve made.

With a Skype chat already set up for you by the Buzzy Games admins, you can stick together do our higher level courses together.

Our Intro course is designed for kids who have no coding or game design experience and is the perfect place to start. You’ll need a parent or guardian to sign you up here, or click to read more.