• Create a trivia game about something special to you.  It could be your family, your hobbies, your interests, a place…anything you like!


  1.  We need your parent’s approval on any images so ask them to email us at team@buzzygames.com.au with the images you want to use attached.
  2. Put your Team Name and Image Approval as the subject line in the email.
  3. Once your image has been approved it will be available for you in the image library and we’ll email you back to let you know.
  4. Create your Visual Quiz game as before using the Wacky Animals game but now you’ll have your own images to choose from in the library.
  5. Click the release button.
  6. Your team’s playlist will be updated on your team page for your friends and family to play.

The release button is in the top right corner.

You’ll be prompted to release, click Yes!