• Create your own Buzzy Trivia game

Making a Quiz:

  1. Login to your Buzzy Canvas
  2. Find the Trivia game with your name on it – e.g “Anna Trivia”
  3. Press the pink plus button at the bottom of the screen to add a new question
  4. Press the green image with the black ??? to open the Buzzy image library

Add your question to the “title” part of the question, your answer to the “Answer” part, and your name to the “created by” section.

When you’re done, press the pink Add button to add your question to the game.

Final Step

Once you’re done adding questions to your quiz, you need to release the game by pressing the release button in the top right. It looks like an upward facing arrow with a line over the top.

Once you’ve pressed that button, a release popup will come up. Press the pink “Yes, let’s release.” And you’ve released your own Buzzy trivia game!