Your Challenge Goals:

  • Change the speed of the Wacky Animals game to make the game easier or harder depending on your changes


  1. Open your Buzzy Canvas on your controller or computer
  2. Go to the Wacky Animals game, or your own Trivia game
  3. Press the Code button in the top bar to open the code for the whole game
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the code and change the  value of the “questionTimerStart” key – e.g change it from 15 to another numbe

Bonus: Change some of the other keys to see how it affects the game’s difficulty!

For example, increasing or decreasing the amount of questions per round will change how the game feels, and changing imageRevealedSeconds will affect how long it takes for an image to be revealed. If you mess with all 3 keys, your version of the game will come out very different!