• Host your own games for play or testing!

Hosting for Friends to Play!

  1. Go to your Buzzy team page.
  2. Press the “Launch your Playlist” button.
  3. Wait for the games to load. It can take a few minutes if this is your first time loading the playlist.
  4. Have your players go to your team page and press the “Connect Now using your Mobile/Tablet” button, then “Play as Guest.”
  5. Have your players input the connect code, and have fun playing!

Hosting to Test Games

This is how you should host your game if you’ve been making changes to them and want to launch quickly from Buzzy canvas.

  1. Press either the “Play” button in the top right or the button with the same icon at the bottom of the Canvas screen.
  2. In the top right of the Connect screen, press “Host”.
  3. Connect with your controller to test your games.

Host Controls

The host can choose which game in the playlist people are playing by opening up the playlist menu (The button next to the current game’s title) and choosing a game.

Click and drag in this menu to scroll through the playlist and select a game!