• Make your own Buzzy Words game.


Get a piece of paper and a pencil.

Draw a 4×4 grid of circles, like below.

Fill out your puzzle with letters. Try to make it so that there at least six words than can be found in the puzzle when you’re done.

Secret Tip: Buzzy Words can be made in any order! Your words don’t just have to go left to right or top to bottom. You could make them go backwards, diagonal, or even zig-zag, as long as a player can connect one letter to another letter, they can try to make a word.

Once you’re done making the puzzle on paper, go into your Buzzy Canvas and open up the Word game with your name on it. In there, click on the “Code” button in the top right to open up the code. While following the tricks below, remember to put your letters into the source property in CAPITAL LETTERS. Otherwise the game wont work!