What do I need?

As we are making multiplayer games you’ll need:

  1. Either a computer or tablet as the main screen.
  2. A tablet or a smartphone to act as the controller.
  3. A stable internet connection

The ideal conditions will be somewhere quiet and headphones can be used but are not required.  

What sort of Internet connection do I need?

As our lessons are delivered live by video having a fast internet connection certainly helps. We suggest you have a minimum ADSL.  If you are on a slow connection it may take a little while to download the game – hang in there!

The most important requirement is that your internet connection is stable.

What can you tell me about your Buzzy Coaches?

Our Buzzy Coaches are all Game Developers and Educators in the making, they have a genuine love of tutoring and seeing the excitement and pride kids have from publishing designing and their own games.

Every Buzzy Coach has a Working with Children Check, goes through extensive screening and training and has personal references as to sound character.

Do parents join the lessons?

We absolutely love it when parents, grandparents, family pets and any other significant others say hello at the beginning of every Buzzy Games lesson and join us at the end to say goodbye.

We do however need to hear clearly and we find it can be a little intimidating for them to see a big group on the other end so we ask parents to stay close by, especially for younger kids but ideally out the picture if possible!

How do I know what they are learning?

We send a lesson summary each week so you can closely follow the course. We include suggestions of how to keep encouraging kid’s creative thinking and designing their own games within Buzzygames.com.au.  One of the best ways to do this is getting them to teach you what they’ve learned.

How do I continue after the 4-week Introductory course ?

More courses will be released in 2019 for kids to develop skills in particular areas of interest which facilitate the same team learning style.

What coding software do you use?

Buzzy Games uses our own easy to use web apps for introductory & intermediate level courses. For our more advanced course, we use our own app & professional tools including Unity3D, Adobe Photoshop.

What will they be learning?

Through game design & development kids learn coding, game design, graphic design, audio editing alongside developing social skills such as collaboration & leadership.

How to I get access to Buzzy Games once the 4-week course is complete?

After the 4-week introductory course, you will be able to select more projects & courses for your child to build on and progress skills. You can also choose to opt subscribe to our online Buzzy Games season pass which enables your child to continue to work on & share their creations.

Can I use my Creative Kids Voucher with Buzzy Games?

Yes!  If you are eligible for a NSW Creative Kids voucher then you can redeem it with Buzzy Games.  To claim your voucher go to www.service.nsw.gov.au

What previous experience do they need?

For our Introduction to game design, we assume kids have no previous experience.

Can friends join together?

Yes, absolutely friends can be on the same team!  If one person registers and lets team@buzzygames.com.au know we can arrange.