4 Sessions Live Online – Introduction to Game Design and Coding

This 4 sessions course is an introduction to coding and game design and is delivered completely online with a dedicated Buzzy Coach for each team.

Each week the Buzzy Coach will lead the team in a video call game jam where teammates create and code games together.

Who is this for?

Our Introduction to Game Design and Coding course is for kids who have no previous game development experience.

When and where?

Kids join Buzzy Games from the comfort of their own home each week! Courses run for 4 consecutive weeks or over a weekend and each lesson lasts approximately 60 minutes.

What do I need?

  1. A computer or tablet that is connected to the internet.
  2. A connected smartphone or tablet to act as the game controller.
  3. Headset or headphones with mic
  4. Stable internet connection

4-week Course Outline

  • WEEK 1

    Meet Your Team. Design a Visual Quiz

    Meet your new team and p
    lay the games you’ll be designing over the four weeks. 

    Design your first game, a visual quiz.

    60 min

  • WEEK 2

    Basic Level Design: Word Play

    This week we’ll need a pen and paper handy!  We’ll be exploring how to design a word game and the 
    team will test their ideas with each other and then create a playable game.

    45 min

    WEEK 2

  • WEEK 3

    Design & Code your own Arcade Game

    This week we’ll introduce more advanced coding and game design using our Buzzy Creator tool. By the end of week 3, the team will have created their very own arcade game complete with their
    music and graphics.

    45 min

  • WEEK 4

    Review and Release

    The Team will review their three games so far and discuss what could be improved on and make final adjustments. 
    Parents are encouraged to play and provide feedback directly to the Game Designers in a final team playoff.

    60 min

    WEEK 4